• Passion Lime - Heyu

    Passion Lime

    Try the refreshing blend based on passionfruit juice and waterkefir, finished with an elegant balance between a sour kick of lime juice and mint.

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  • Citrus Bitter - Heyu

    Citrus Bitter

    Try the bittersweet mocktail based on orange juice and waterkefir, combined with grape juice and finished with a touch of blood orange and orange bitter.

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  • Spicy Peach Vanilla - Heyu

    Spicy Peach Vanilla

    Try the punchy blend based on peach juice and waterkefir, finished with notes of vanilla and rosemary with a touch of spice that awakens your taste buds.

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A better-for-you mocktail, 100% Belgian, with no equivalent elsewhere in Europe

A woman in a green dress sitting on the grass, enjoying a glass of Heyu with a sprig of rosemary and ice.


Socialize with sophistication through our alcohol-free mocktails. We offer a premium alternative ensuring everyone can savor the taste of a remarkable drink without the need for alcohol.

Our Values
A man sitting on a hammock with a glass of Heyu Spicy Peach Vanilla


We focus on providing better-for-you beverages that prioritize your health and well-being. With our superfoods, we can offer a delicious taste journey that makes you feel good from the inside out. Each Heyu mocktail supports your immune system and gut health

How Heyu works?
Glass of a Heyu Citrus Bitter mocktail with plants in the background

Low in sugar

With just 0.7-2.5 g/100 ml of sugar, each sip reveals a carefully balanced recipe to deliver delightful flavors without excessive sweetness. Allowing you to enjoy every sip while maintaining your health goals.

Our Values
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100% Natural

We only use the finest natural ingredients and work with real fruit juices and herbs.

Our Values

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Your mocktail, your rules!

Serve pure over ice or add a premium mixer to enjoy a bubbly twist

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