Meet the Founder of Heyu: Crafting Delicious and Healthy Mocktails

Meet the founder

Hey there! Jonas here, founder of Heyu. Wondering why we created Heyu? At Heyu, we believe that social gatherings and enjoying an aperitif with friends and family are important, and you shouldn't have to compromise your health to do so. We felt that there was a need for a mocktail that is not only delicious but also good for you. After experimenting with several recipes and stability tests, we finally created Heyu - an all-natural, delicious, better-for-you mocktail that is low in sugar and without anything artificial.  Heyu is incredibly refreshing and offers numerous health benefits, redefining what a mocktail should be.

Our commitment to crafting a tasty and healthy drink is sure to impress your taste buds and make you feel good from the inside out. Join us on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Heyu.


Our Mission

We truly believe that functional beverages should not have to compromise on taste. That’s why we created Heyu: the first functional mocktail combining all the superfoods your gut needs in a better-for-you mocktail without sacrificing on flavour. All while being low in sugar, all natural and alcohol-free!

Functional just for you

Each Heyu flavour is a blend of only the finest natural ingredients and botanicals paired with our unique functional combination. Heyu is packed with functionality by combining active cultures and plant fiber, also know as probiotics and prebiotics, giving your gut and digestive system the love they deserve. Heyu is not just a flavour explosion, it's also crafted to make you feel fabulous from the inside out. So go ahead, sip, savor and let the good vibes flow!